Our teams work hard to understand your businesses in order to create the perfect environment to build meaningful, lasting relationships


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Our events specialists use our unique insight and resources to analyze and understand how your target audiences navigate our exhibitions. With more than 7 million people attending our global events and all the tools you need to connect with new clients, you know you’re in safe hands.


In this increasingly digital world, face to face has never been so important. With our recommendations service we will match you with potential buyers and provide you with the platform to get your business in front of thousands of potential customers.


Exhibiting abroad is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reach new export customers and rapidly grow your business. Our international sales group is your trusted local partner in delivering your international sales.

Connect with your markets

By exhibiting at one of our shows, you become a part of your sector’s major trade event. Nothing is more effective in generating prospects, personalizing your customer relationships, raising your profile and speeding up your sales

  • Generate qualified contacts
  • Do deals
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Raise your profile
  • Monitor your markets


Work with us to plan your event and make your participation a success


Ask our event specialists for advice on how to maximize the return on investment for your stand. They have a wealth of experience in organizing trade and consumer events and they are ready and waiting to advise and guide you.

•What are your goals for this event, are they clear and measurable?

•What do you want to feature?

•How should you design and run your stand in order to make it a welcoming networking space?

•What needs to be done before, during and after the event?

Find Your Event


Four steps to success

1.Define your goals, your targets and your indicators of success.

2.Draw up your communication plan for before, during and after the event

3.Manage your event as a project

4.Budget, optimize, measure



Matchmaking maximizes your event experience and productivity



Matchmaking ensures that we identify and send targeted buyers to our exhibitors' booths, while recommending exhibitors to new and potential customers that best fit their needs;

Our TAP Matchmaking program makes it easy for buyers to learn about exhibitor business with convenient contact access via tailored exhibitor listings and quick links within recommendations emails and WeChat registration pages, ultimately leading to and facilitating one-on-one matchmaking meetings right on the show floor.




To help visitors and buyers enhance their business connections, we have created a full range of complimentary, non-sponsored services before, during and after the event. Upon completion of registration, visitors will automatically receive exhibitor recommendations via email. By clicking exhibitor links, they can then view corresponding company and product details to facilitate their visit or meetings onsite. These recommendations complement our visitors’ planning, who make the most of:

• Personalized recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products

• The chance to discover new products and exhibitors

• Show directories that maximize visit preparation

• Structured onsite events to help expand business networks

• Personalized exhibitor recommendations and matchmaking services for TAP buyers






TAP stands for Targeted Attendee Program, which brings attendees with the most influence and/or procurement power, and highly desired by exhibitors, to our events. The program is aimed at creating value by transforming relationships with our customers into business success.

At RX, we have a dedicated TAP team, who identifies, builds and sustains attendee-customer relationships.  This team identifies buyers' specific procurement plans in the immediate 12-18 months and brings matched businesses together through one-on-one matchmaking meetings right on the show floor. Exhibitor and TAP buyer satisfaction levels have greatly increased since the program's inception.

Meanwhile, by responding to TAP buyer feedback with continuous improvements, our events have become increasingly competitive in the exhibition industry.


Enhance Customer Value


Our customers enjoy numerous benefits and convenience from the TAP program. TAP brings ambitious business professionals face-to-face with key influencers through vibrant online communities, network-expansion activities and career-development opportunities that help cultivate new business prospects.


Bridging Exhibitors And Buyers

Through the TAP program, we aim to improve both exhibitor and buyer ROI by targeting core procurement decision makers, specifiers and influencers in the industry; verifying their procurement plans for the immediate 12-18 months; facilitating matchmaking both before and during the show; and identifying TAP attendees onsite through custom TAP badges.

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