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Reed Huabo 2016 Education Charity Program Benefits Zijin Hemu Primary School of Heyuan City

23 Jan 2017

On 23 November, 2016, Reed Huabo staff paid another visit to Hemu Primary School located at the Hemu Village, Zijin County, Heyuan City, Guangdong province, following a 200-km journey. It has been our fourth consecutive annual charitable trip to the school, demonstrating the commitment by Reed Huabo to CSR efforts. Colleagues brought with them donated supplies, scholarship money, and educational equipment to support development of the local children.

The dream started in 2013

Jiang Chengwen, chairman of Reed Huabo, led company staff in launching the “Hemu Primary School Charity Program” in April, 2013. The program was started following a long evaluation of the conditions in both the school and the village.

The school before rebuild

Many challenges:

  1. 1. With increasing numbers of students, the school lacked desks and chairs as well as teaching materials (only goniometers, rulers, protractors, compasses, and scales were available)
  2. 2. Lack of sports facilities; the only basketball stands were rusting and the baskets were hanging off. No playground for informal games.
  3. 3. The school did not have a walled perimeter posing a potential security threat.
  4. 4. The school did not have a library, music room, or arts facilities so no art or music lessons could be taught. Neither did the school have any modern technological teaching facilities such as computers and projectors.
  5. 5. No auxiliary facilities were attached to the classrooms, thus the school could not provide living quarters for the teachers. Teachers lived in makeshift facilities inside the school buildings.
  6. 6. Students did not have their own toilets.
  7. 7. No open spaces, no lawns, no trees
  8. 8. Polluted water

Initial renovation in 2014

Through the hardware evaluation done over the previous year, partial renovation was completed before the summer of 2014. A playground, toilets, and security fences were set up. New desks and chairs were joined by computers together with a library and common room facilities to dramatically improve conditions. The following pictures demonstrate the big changes on the campus.

Huabo management visited the school in December 2014. They gathered information and ensured that the initial implementation had been successful. They also brought with them the first batch of supplies, scholarships and donated money. To express gratitude, the school presented a brocade banner to Huabo, bearing the words: “Love for the mountainous area, support for education.” Mr. Jiang Chengwen vowed to continue support for this worthwhile cause, including concrete measures to benefit the school and children. Huabo colleagues committed themselves to providing more support for good quality facilities that would ensure the healthy and happy growth of the children.

Image above: Mr. Jiang Chengwen

Image above: Reed Huabo colleagues visit Hemu Primary School

Progress in 2015

Hemu Primary School is located within Lantang Township, Zijin County. There are 28 primary schools in the township. Good hardware facilities encourage educational achievement. In 2015, Hemu Primary School moved up the rankings amongst the township schools from 27th to 12th position. Such progress represents the best rate of improvement for Reed Huabo ever seen.

The Reed Huabo family has a loving heart and we love to serve the community. We share our success with local people. In the process, we propagate our messages of love and sharing.

Loving educational cause in 2016

The 2016 trip to Hemu Primary School took place on 24 November, coinciding with Thanksgiving Day. Huabo colleagues distributed supplies, scholarships, and allowances to the children, who also took part in day-long classes taught by our colleagues to learn new funny subjects.


Scholarships/allowances distributed

We’d like to share some good news we heard during the trip. Hemu Primary School has now moved up in the local township ranking from 12th to 2nd position. We are all looking forward to even bigger achievements in 2017 with the hard work of the students and continuous support from us all.

Loving Class – Cultural and Science Knowledge

We prepared a huge range of materials for the day of the classes: The “Big Dreamer” dance for pre-K kids, iridescent paper folding for Grade 1, language for Grade 2, geography for Grade 4 (the school does not have history or geography teachers so these lessons were especially appreciated), fun English for Grade 6 (the pupils were really enthusiastic to learn about foreign culture such as facts on Thanksgiving) and international travel experience was shared by our colleagues. Each session was lively and inspired the students to strive for more knowledge in the future.

Loving class – outdoor sports

Dream to continue in 2017

The trip brought loving warmth to the children in this poor mountainous region. It also propagated the positive energy of the Reed Huabo culture. We’ll continue our support for Hemu Primary School. We look forward to working with more companies in CSR efforts.

2013-2016, a memorable experience for all

Build up the dream, love and care for education – the good work starts from you and me.

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