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  • There is nothing more reassuring to customers than doing business face-to-face. And there’s no marketing tool more effective for winning new business than a Reed exhibition.
  • In this section you'll discover how exhibiting can benefit your business.
  • Exhibiting at a Reed event

    Exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to establish and maintain good relationships with customers. In an increasingly digital world, exhibitions are the only platforms through buyers, sellers and products can physically come together. They are, therefore, a potent force for business.

    With their tightly focused profiles and carefully targeted audiences, trade exhibitions are highly cost-effective sales and marketing platforms. Reed Exhibitions is committed to delivering business contacts that create value for each customer. Through buyer clubs, appointment-setting systems, on-line visitor planning services and a host of other customer-centric measures, we precisely match the needs of buyers and suppliers.

    Exhibitions provide a generously productive environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved. Generating fresh sales leads launching new products, building brand image, maintaining customer relations and appointing new agents – all of these can be accomplished on-site at a Reed Exhibitions event. With optimum exposure, through stand presence, sponsorship, seminars, competitions, awards and website profiles, Reed events provide a dynamic environment for your sales and marketing activities.

    Unlike magazines and direct mail, exhibitions involve two-way communication. Visitors can question, challenge and debate with exhibitors on-site. While exhibitors can provide and research information. Most importantly, business is conducted face to face - the most persuasive form of selling, and of building customer relationships.

    Exhibition visitors are proactive.. Rather than passively receiving your sales and marketing messages, they make a conscious decision to attend and exhibition, and have set aside valuable time to do so. Many are specifiers and influencers who might not be easy to identify outside of an exhibition situation.

    The buyer feels under no great pressure to buy, while the seller is not apprehensive about visiting the buyer on in his own domain.

    Whilst an advert, direct mail or web page may say a product is the fastest, quietest, smallest or most advanced on the market, at an exhibition, buyers can experience your product, for themselves. Nothing beats the impact of a live demonstration.

    You can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space of time. Whether you are looking to raise your company profile, change market perceptions or generate fresh sales leads, you can achieve more in four days at an exhibition than you might otherwise achieve in months.

    Exhibitions are also one of the quickest and most cost-effective means of exploring and entering new export markets.

    Individually, the benefits listed are not unique to exhibitions . What is unusual is their combination in a single, powerful promotional tool. Exhibitions combine the mass-reach of advertising, the targeting of direct mail, the persuasive power of face-to-face selling, and the networking benefits of the Internet, to create a unique environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be pursued, either singly, or side by side.

    Wherever in China you wish to start or grow your business, be it the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Rim, Northeast China and or West China, Reed Exhibitions Greater China can highlight your products and services to the local marketplace. That's what we do: deliver new value to your business.

  • Tips for Exhibitors

    Read the following pages for advice on how to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

    1. Exhibitions deliver during recessions: Exhibitions continue to attract high quality audiences and first-time attendees during times of recession. Source: CEIR Research Report RCSR 21.09 (2009)
    2. Exhibitions deliver a demonstrable ROI: Event marketing is the discipline that derives the greatest ROI. Source: EventView 2009 Report: MPR Foundation, Event Marketing Institute and George P Johnson.
    3. Exhibitions generate sales leads: Exhibitions are the second most effective means of generating sales leads after companies’ own websites. Source: Outsell Inc. Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2008.
    4. Exhibitions accelerate the sales process: 66 percent of sales and marketing managers say that fewer sales calls are needed to close a sale with an exhibition lead because the buyer is able to meet with sales/technical staff at the exhibition, and view the product. Source: CEIR Research Report PE 2.03 2004
    5. Exhibitions provide all-important brand experiences: Purchase intent - a customer’s stated interest in buying a product – is, on average, 34 points higher among attendees who actively interact with a brand at business-to-business events compared with those unaware of the brand. Source: Measurement of Engagement in B2B Trade Show Exhibits, 20008: Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)
    6. Exhibitions help you build relationships. Event marketing is the discipline that best accelerates and deepens engagement with target audiences. Source: EventView 2009: MPI Foundation, Event Marketing Institute and George P Johnson.
    7. Exhibitions attract buyers and decision makers: Over 80 percent of exhibition attendees have an influence on purchasing decisions at show. Fifty-five percent have buying plans as a result of attending. Source: Exhibit Surveys 2007

    Wherever in China you wish to start or grow your business, be it the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Rim, Northeast China or West China, Reed Exhibitions Greater China can highlight your products and services to the local marketplace. That's what we do: deliver new value to your business.

    Please use this manual as a supplementary guide to our “Tips For Exhibiting Success”. Here we’ve compiled a broad selection of hints and advice that will be particularly useful for international exhibitors at our Chinese events.

  • Exhibitor Testimonials

  • TAP Program
    Targeted Attendee Program Exclusive to Reed Exhibitions

    The overriding trend has got to be around our customers’ changing needs and expectations. It’s driving everything we are doing on ROI and added value. As respond to the trend, since 2011, our Reed Exhibitions Greater China has firstly launched Target Audience Program (TAP) which is one of our corporate initiatives for adding values to our customers. TAP program brings ambitious business professionals F2F with key influencers through vibrant online communities, network expansion activities, career development opportunities and cultivating news business prospects thus transforming relationship altogether.

    The program is aimed at creating value to transform relationship with our customers. TAP stands for The Targeted Attendee Program, which brings attendees with the most influence and/or buying power that exhibitors want to see to our events. At Reed, we have a dedicated TAP team, who identifies, builds, and sustains attendee customer relationships as a unique selling proposition across entire show cycle.

    Through TAP program, we aim to target core procurement decision makers, specifiers and influencers in the industry, verify procurement plans for the next 12-18 months, and facilitate matchmaking before the show and onsite, identify TAP attendees onsite through special badges, thus to improve both exhibitors’ and buyers’ ROI.

    Most of our shows, for instance CIMES, NEPCON, Golf Show, G2E Asia, CIAAF, CDATF, Gift Show, OI China, Converting, CDS, Aluminium China, and these shows have received good result of improved satisfaction rate from exhibitors since they initiated the program.

    First is to build up a customer insights (or knowledge) which is vital to us fulfilling our role as a relationship broker, proactively putting buyer and seller together. We are fast moving in the area of customer knowledge, we have launched customer insights as one of our key initiatives to identify the customer needs, transform our relationship with our customers, talk our customers’ language, facilitate much greater customer intimacy, improve exhibitor retention, satisfaction level, visitor recommendation and re-visit intention through insights into China’s market trends and intensive research on clients’ needs.

    With the Customers Insights knowledge, the TAP program team will then identify core buyers amongst thousands of trade visitors prior to the show, generating buying information through in-depth communication and F2F discussion with them before the show and creating matches for exhibitors. Return on investment would be much higher as exhibiting companies get well informed and prepared to meet the right buyers before, during and after the show. As for visiting companies, it would be time saving for decision makers. They will be able to meet up with exhibitors, meetings lined up for them online and onsite by the TAP team.

    Take the China Golf Show 2014 TAP program for instance, the TAP team managed to develop 120+ pre-show matching results for 30 selected exhibitors, attracted 801 TAP attendees to the show floor and delivered 90+ onsite match-making sessions , which was applauded by the exhibitors. As per the TAP team’s post show follow up, these match-making sessions were projected to yield an approximate purchase volume of USD 8 million, among which 10% for onsite trading, 78% in 6 months and 12% in 12 months.

    Reed is always seeking new ways to better serve clients. In China, we were among the pioneers in exhibition management to realize the true magnitude of the growing role digital technology would play in enhancing today’s customer experience, as well as the importance of engaging participants via social networks to boost the success of events.

    The outcomes of that realization in how we have been swift and precise in rolling out sophisticated online system and mobile applications that have become powerful tools for conducting global business. We will enable our pre-registered visitors and exhibitors to preview each other’s profile and set up onsite meetings via our online match-making system based on show websites.

    Our strategy is fundamentally about building out from our core abilities, and using digital to add value and enhance the time and the continuity we have with our customers in an increasingly digital sphere.

    The business today will look different and more complex in 3-5 years’ time as we continue to expand rapidly around the country and beyond. China is a unique market with great diversity. Reed is finding new opportunities thanks to the changing demands of clients as well as shifting trends and regional focuses in various industries. This is why we run the TAP program, to robust scalable and functionally rich platforms that meet the needs of all customers. We are responsive, innovative and agile enough while keeping very close to our customers.

    With less time to visit the show, trade visitors would want to meet the right exhibiting companies and make deals fast and accurate. For exhibiting companies, they would prefer meet the “perfect” trade visitor or buyers at the show floor. By utilizing the TAP program, the visible ROI on both sides could be improved significantly. This is definitely the trend going forward.

    In China, Reed Exhibitions focuses on the country’s 11 specialized industry sectors, such as electronics manufacturing & assembly, machine tools, metalworking & industrial materials, converting, life sciences & pharmaceutical, healthcare, beauty & cosmetics, sports & recreation, gifts & homeware, lifestyle, gaming, publishing, property & travel, marine, energy, oil & gas, some of them are new emerged markets, and we will strive to integrate TAP program into new shows to achieve what is in the best interests of our customers and business.

    If you are interested in becoming a TAP of any RXGC events, please visit dedicated TAP page of the event website. For more information on TAP, please contact Jennifer Wang at Jennifer.wang@reedexpo.com.cn

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