Fulfilling Social Responsibility in China

Apart from continuously expanding its business in China and contributing to the prosperity of related industries and areas, Reed Exhibitions is also committed to its other industrial and social responsibilities in China. In 2008, Reed Exhibitions promoted the sustainable development of the Chinese conference and exhibition industry and gave back to Chinese society through the following initiatives:

  • Endorsing and effecting IPR protectionat its events
  • Advocating exhibition statistics auditing, transparency and verifiable reporting of statistics
  • Creating green exhibitions by raising the environmental awareness of the participants and partners and taking green initiatives
  • Training its local employees through the Reed Exhibitions China University
  • Implementing the Reed Exhibitions China Scholarship Program to promote exhibition education and talent development
  • Donating RMB 1 million to the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake
  • Launching the Reed Exhibitions Greater China Summit, calling on industry members to jointly enhance exhibition stands and render more world class events in China.
  • Reed Shanghai gave monetary support for the daily living expenses for 12 children from a rural village in Henan province.
  • Reed Huabo rebuilt the dilapidated facilities of Hemu School in Guangdong.
  • Reed China sponsored the 6th Annual ICS Charity Golf Tournament and supported raising over RMB 625,000 to needy families in the Changning District, Shanghai.
  • Reed China partnered with Sowers Action, fund raising for donation of 465 new warm jackets to schoolchildren in rural west of China.
  • Reed Hongda donated and delivered warm clothes to needy children in Henan.
  • RX Greater China’s latest CSR effort supporting artificial limb donations has raised over USD 14,000 to help individuals walk again and rebuild their lives.
  • Reed Management Associates Program (RMAP) is launched.
  • RXGC Marketing Certification Program is launched to educate and certify marketers。
  • Young Talent Program is launched.
  • Reed Exhibitions China Scholarship

    The aim of this scholarship is to motivate students to make efforts on study and cultivate their commitment to the exhibition industry as well as to build up the bridge to link their future careers with Party A.

    I. Scope of the Scholarship Program

    The exhibition management department of BISU enrolls around 60 students annually for 4-year education program. In total, there are around 180 students in the department. The scholarship program will offer 6 prizes to the freshman, the sophomore and the junior respectively annually. The prizes include 1 head for the first prize, 2 heads for the second prize, 2 heads for the third prize, 1 head for special prize to the freshman and the sophomore who have made dramatic progress in general assessment, and one head for special prize to the junior who has received the best recognition during taking part time job in Reed Exhibitions.

    II. Criteria for winning the prizes

    Different criteria of the winner for students in each grade are set. The aims are to best cultivate students in both academic education and capability, so that to ensure they can be ready to fulfill tasks assigned by the employers in the exhibition industry after graduation.

    The criteria for academic education will be in line with the requirements set for BISU scholarship. All students who meet the school scholarship requirements can compete for the Reed Exhibitions China Scholarship.

    A. Criteria for the freshman

    The criteria focus on:

    • Exam results: Meet BISU scholarship requirements
    • Attendance: Has attendance of up to 95%
    • Social activity participation such as student union activities and community activities outside university, etc.

    No requirements on capability development for the first year students.

    The prize will be:

    • Rmb 4000 for the first prize (1 student)
    • Rmb 2500 for the second prize (2 students)
    • Rmb 1000 for the third prize (2 students)
    • Rmb 1000 for special prize (1 student)

    B. Criteria for the sophomore

    Comparing with the first year students, the criteria for the second year students focus on capability cultivation apart from study:

    Exam results: Meet BISU scholarship requirements

    Take part time job at Reed Exhibitions or other multinational exhibition company and receive positive feedback from the employers. Suggest take summer holiday for the part time job. The working hours shall not be less than 80 hours.

    Social activity participation such as student union activities and community activities, etc.

    The prize will be:

    • Rmb 4000 for the first prize (1 student)
    • Rmb 2500 for the second prize (2 students)
    • Rmb 1000 for the third prize (2 students)
    • Rmb 1000 for special prize (1 student)

    C. Criteria for the junior

    Comparing with the sophomore, the criteria for the junior focus on capability cultivation and consistent good performance except for study:

    Exam results: Meet the school scholarship requirements

    Take part time job at Reed Exhibitions ONLY during the second year summer holiday with at least 30 working days in total and receive positive feedback from the employer. Reed Exhibitions will pay for the temporary work according to the company pay structure.

    Whether he/she has ever won the prize during the first and second year study

    The prize will be:

    • Rmb 4000 for the first prize (1 student)
    • (Rmb 8000 for the first prize if the winner wins the first prize consistently from the first year)
    • Rmb 2500 for the second prize (2 students)
    • (Rmb 5000 for the second prize if the winner has been wining prizes of above second prize scholarship since the first year)
    • Rmb 1000 for the third prize (2 students)
    • (Rmb 2000 for the third prize if the winner has been winning prizes of above third prize since the first year)
    • Rmb 1500 for the special prize (1 student)

    D. Job opportunities for the students of the final year

    Party A will supply potential full time job opportunities in the company for the prize winners who have won the prize for 3 consecutive years, who also pass the internship of 1-2 months in the company before graduation and receive positive feedbacks from Reed. The number of the job vacancies and positions will depend on the business development of RX China. The job location can be in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

    III. Evaluation process of the winners

    The students who meet the requirements to compete for the prize need to apply for this scholarship by submitting the complete application form as attached.

    1 monitor and 1 teacher of the class, dean of the department, the relevant heads of the University, RX China President, RX China HR manager and the department managers who supervise the students for part time jobs will be the team members to vote for the prize winners. The final winners for the scholarship will be posted in public in the university.

    For more details, please contact Cheng Nan at cheng.nan@reedexpo.com.cn .

  • IPR Protection at Exhibitions

    Reed Exhibitions has always attached great importance to the protection of the intellectual property rights during exhibitions, and is committed to building credible, sound and orderly business transaction platforms for its exhibitors and visitors. In China, Reed Exhibitions group of companies, in active response to the campaign of "Conventions & Exhibitions under Blue-Sky" jointly launched by the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, National Copyright Administration and State Intellectual Property Office, will further help enhance the participants' awareness of IPR protection at both inbound and outbound events it organizes in the future by taking the following measures, to do our best to help protect the trademark right, copyright and patent of enterprises from home and abroad:

    1. Post tips on IPR protection during exhibitions at notable positions of the company's website and show websites, including release of Measures for the Protection of IPR during Exhibitions, expert advices on IPR protection during exhibitions, contacts of regulatory bodies for IPR protection during exhibitions and relevant legal service providers;
    2. Post IPR protection publicity posters, IPR infringement complaint hotline number at obvious places on the sites of its exhibitions in China;
    3. In the event of any dispute over IPR at the event organized by Reed Exhibitions in China, the local regulatory authority on IPR protection will be contacted immediately for settlement;
    4. Invite IPR legal service providers to set up service counters at the events of Reed Exhibitions in need of such services, so as to provide on-site IPR protection consultation services for both exhibitors and visitors;
    5. Invite IPR legal service providers to give lectures on IPR protection during certain events organized by Reed Exhibitions in China;
    6. Keep close contact with regulatory bodies for IPR protection during exhibitions and actively coordinate with relevant activities conducted by governmental IPR departments for IPR protection during exhibitions.

    Reed Exhibitions China is pleased to announce that Reed Exhibitions China and Schmitt & Orlov Intellectual Property have agreed to cooperate to provide advice to our clients on the topic of IPR. Should you require any advice please contact Schmitt & Orlov Intellectual Property. Please refer to Reed Exhibitions and the event that you are participating in and your first consultation will be free of charge. If you are a client of Reed Exhibitions exhibiting in one of our events in China then you will also enjoy a 15% discount on any further advice you may receive from Schmitt & Orlov Intellectual Property. This is a free service provided by Reed Exhibitions to assist our clients in dealing with IPR issues. Reed Exhibitions will NOT assume any legal responsibility or otherwise for the advice provided by Schmitt & Orlov Intellectual Property.

    Schmitt & Orlov Intellectual Property Beijing Office
    Mr. Edouard Schmitt zur Höhe
    Email: edouard@schmitt-orlov.asia
    Telephone: +86 (0)10 8446 4788
    Fax: + 86(0)10 8446 4968

    Schmitt & Orlov Intellectual Property Shanghai Office
    Ms. Chris Li
    Email: chris@schmitt-orlov.asia
    Telephone: +86(0)21 6079 3506
    Fax: +86(0)21 6079 3507

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