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  • Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    Reed Exhibitions Greater China organizes a wide range of events. Among them are trade exhibitions, consumer events, conferences and meetings. Reed's portfolio of 58 events covers 12 industry sectors: Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly; Machine Tools, Metalworking & Industrial Materials; Converting; Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Beauty & Cosmetics, Sports & Recreation; Gifts & Homeware; Auto Aftermarket; Lifestyle; Gaming; Publishing; Property and Travel; Marine, Energy, Oil & Gas; Broadcasting, TV, Music & Entertainment

    Working closely with trade associations and government departments, Reed Exhibitions Greater China ensures that our events are targeted to fulfill specific industry needs. As a result, many Reed events are professional in their fields.

    This combination of outstanding profile and professionalism means that Reed Exhibitions Greater China is industrial enlightened in both established and emerging markets. Across the country, wherever there are opportunities for growth or a need to explore fresh potential, Reed Exhibitions Greater China is there.

    Reed events are developed after comprehensive customer research has been conducted. We also partner up with key industry associations and reputable trade media to ensure that shows are characterized by extensive local market expertise and a professional profile among the industries in which we work. Having the domestic and overseas exhibition network allows us to deliver on these objectives to out customers.

    Reed events are not just professional exhibitions; many of them feature market-defining conferences too. The seminars always set the agenda for the industry and examine ways in which both exhibitors and visitors can cut costs, enhance productivity and generate fresh business opportunities. As new trends and technologies emerge, Reed remains ahead of the curve in analyzing and harnessing new potential.

    Right down to its diverse array of networking events, Reed shows are carefully designed to help customers maximize trade opportunities. For participants, Reed events are about getting more. To us, that means more business opportunities, a valuable profile, exposure to a wide range of industry, more chances to learn and more connections to key players in dynamic sectors.

  • Reed Exhibitions has over 500 events in 43 countries. Globally, Reed's portfolio of exhibitions and conferences serves 43 industry sectors across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa. The company employs 3,700 people worldwide. Reed Exhibitions is part of the RELX Group plc, a provider of professional information solutions to the science, medical, legal, risk management, and business-to-business sectors.

    After over three decades of rapid growth, in China today, Reed Exhibitions Greater China is made up of nine outstanding member companies: Reed Exhibitions China, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibitions, Reed Huaqun Exhibitions, Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai), Reed Guanghe Exhibitions, Reed Huabai Exhibitions, Reed Hongda Exhibitions and Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan.

    Currently, over 600 staff help Reed Exhibitions Greater China serve 13 specialized sectors: Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly • Machine Tools, Metalworking & Industrial Materials • Converting • Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Beauty & Cosmetics, Sports & Recreation • Gifts & Homeware • Auto Aftermarket • Lifestyle • Gaming • Publishing • Property & Travel• Environment & Urban Management• Energy, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas • Broadcasting, TV, Music & Entertainment.

    In 2015, according to self-generated statistics, Reed Exhibitions Greater China’s member companies held over 50 events and brought together more than 1.07 million visitors, together with 50,000+ conference delegates. Our events hosted nearly 32,000 suppliers whose stands spanned over 1.6 million sqm of show floor space.

    Reed promotes sustainable development in China’s MICE industry and gives back to Chinese society in a number of ways:

    • Nurturing young talent and giving staff abundant opportunities for continuing professional development. In 2008, the first-of-its-kind Reed Exhibitions China University project was launched. Since then, an average of 300+ participants join 12 courses per year. Today, through this initiative, Reed remains a professional position in the global exhibition industry.
    • In 2010, the Reed Management Associate Program (RMAP) was added to Reed’s development portfolio to give flourishing prospects access to the industry’s best training resources. Since then, 28 Management Associates (MA) have joined the company, with a number having now been promoted to management level.
    • In 2013, Reed launched its Young Talent Program. Aimed at entry-level recent graduates, 10 young people are offered hands-on experience and accelerated learning opportunities in core Marketing and Sales functions.
    • Reed endorses and implements IPR protection at its events.
    • Reed also advocates the auditing, transparency and verifiable reporting of exhibition statistics.

    In China, Reed combines overseas resources and local expertise to produce content rich, indurstry focused events that deliver outstanding business interaction, insightful thought management ability, corporate advancement and personal progression.

    Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd. (known as "Reed Sinopharm"), is the oustanding organiser of pharmaceutical and healthcare events in China. The company is a joint venture between Sinopharm, China's state-owned pharmaceutical group, and Reed Exhibitions, professional exhibition company in organising events.

    Reed Sinopharm is engaged in organising a diverse range of exhibitions, conferences and other events in a variety of industry sectors. These segments include pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical devices, chemical reagents, analytical apparatuses, glassware instruments, lab equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, packaging materials, TCM materials and healthcare products, as well as related technologies and services.

    Reed Sinopharm is also responsible for outbound trade fairs held abroad, as well as for export-oriented exhibitions that take place in China. The joint venture is driven by one aim: To serve the exhibition industry and stimulate mutual development. The company produces more than 10 exhibitions and conferences every year. Events staged under the Reed Sinopharm brand are invariably effective business platforms for Chinese pharmaceutical and medical appliance companies and research institutions. They are also a professional showcase for pharmaceutical service providers keen to enhance their corporate image, exchange industry information and further explore domestic and international markets. Being part of a Reed Sinopharm event, therefore, is an unmissable opportunity to effectively engage the international pharmaceutical industry.

    Reed Huabo Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (known as "Reed Huabo"), is professional organiser of gift fairs in China. The company is a joint venture between Reed Exhibitions, and Shenzhen Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd, the influential exhibition organiser in China's gift industry.

    Reed Huabo is also a member of Reed Exhibitions Greater China. In 2009 Reed Huabo and Huaqun Expo announced the establishment of Reed Huaqun Exhibitions Co., Ltd. (known as "Reed Huaqun") in an effort to consolidate the gift and houseware exhibitions in Beijing and also to better serve the thriving North China gift and houseware market. To us, the consolidated strength of these two market leaders guarantees higher efficiency, stronger branding and larger scale events for participants more than ever. Reed Huabo serves China's big range of gift and houseware market and is unrivalled in its resources and market advantages.

    Reed Huabo's flagship event - the China (Shenzhen) International Gift & Home Fair – is recognized as the professional and outstanding gift event in China. It is held biannually, every Spring and Autumn. The show was approved by the UFI in 2005 and because of its high level of professionalism, it attracts more than 2,800 exhibitors and over 120,000 local and international visitors to each edition. In addition, Reed Huabo holds gifts shows in Beijing (the China International Gift, Premium & Houseware Exhibition) and Chengdu (the Chengdu Houseware, Leisure Goods & Gift Fair). By serving China's northern and western markets, Reed Huabo makes a unmissable contribution to the rapid development of China's gift industry.

    Please visit www.reedhuabo.com for more information.

    Honours & Awards

    • 2004: Listed in Brand Exhibitions during the Economics & Trade Conference held by the Shenzhen Bureau of Trade & Industry.
    • In April 2005, the Shenzhen Gift & Home series was listed among the Top 16 Brand Exhibitions, supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Government.
    • Approved by the UFI in 2005. Proof that the Shenzhen Gift & Home series, under the stewardship of Reed Huabo, offers exceptional quality.
    • 2005: Through a public opinion survey, Huabo was identified as one of the most renowned exhibition companies in Shenzhen by Shenzhen Economic Daily.
    • 2005: Made the list of "Top 20 Wealthiest Companies in the Exhibition Industry" (Private Enterprises Section).
    • 2005: Huabo made the list of "Top 100 Wealthiest Companies in the Exhibition Industry"
    • 2006: Among the Top 100 private taxpayers in Futian District (Shenzhen).
    • 2006: Received the Highest Customer Satisfaction Award in the Shenzhen Exhibition Industry.
    • 2007: Enrolled in the 2nd batch of "10 Best Shows for IPR Protection".
    • 2007: Won the "Industry Promotion Award" at the 2007Shenzhen Exhibition Industry Annual Awards.
    • 2007: Won the Golden Finger Award for the "Best Brand in China's Exhibition Industry" in 2007 in a ceremony jointly hosted by the Asia Fortune Forum & Alibaba.com.
    • 2007: Managing Director Mike Jiang was honoured as a "Top 10 Entrepreneur in China's Exhibition Industry" in year 2007.
    • 2008: Managing Director Mike Jiang was listed by the Asia Fortune Forum as one of the "Top 30 Most Influential People in the Chinese Exhibition Industry" in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up
    • 2008: Received the Charity Certificate of Honour from Shenzhen Charity Federation.
    • 2008: Won "Outstanding Contribution Award" from Shenzhen Economic Daily for promoting Shenzhen industry in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up.
    • 2008: Managing Director Mike Jiang was listed by Shenzhen Economic Daily as one of the "Top 30 Most Influential People in the Shenzhen Exhibition Industry" in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up
    • 2008: Declared a "Top 10 Brand Show" by the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

    Formed in 2009, Reed Huaqun Exhibitions Co., Ltd. (known as “Reed Huaqun”) is a joint venture (JV) between Reed Huabo Exhibitions (part of Reed Exhibitions Greater China) and Beijing Qunxue Expo. The combined resources of the large gift show organiser in China (Reed Huabo Exhibitions) and the organiser of the Beijing International Gift, Artware & Houseware Exhibition (Beijing Qunxue Expo) makes for a formidable force in China’s exhibition industry. This joint venture serves the thriving gift and houseware market in North and Northeastern China and provides participants with the outstanding quality, high efficiency, and strong branding shows in the industry.

    Yang Guangyuan is the JV’s General Manager.

    In August 2009, Reed Huaqun held its first consolidated Beijing gift and houseware exhibition. These will now be a biannual event taking place in Spring and Autumn under the uniform brand of Gifts | Home • Beijing. This is the large event for the gift industry in Northern China.

    Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai) is part of Reed Exhibitions Greater China. Over the world, the Reed Exhibitions brand is recognised as professional in quality exhibition production.

    Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai) organises outstanding events in the machinery and metalworking industry. The China Int’l Machine Tools & Tool Exhibition (CIMES) – produced by Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai) - is number three machine tool event, after Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil (EMO) and the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). CIMES spans 120,000 sqm, compared to EMO’s 200,000sqm and IMTS’s 150,000 sqm.

    For more information, please visit www.cimes.net.cn

    Reed Guanghe Exhibitions a partnership between Reed Exhibitions Greater China and the China Golf Show, organizes two of outstanding golf shows in Asia. The China Golf Show, launched in 2002 and held annually in Beijing, has steadily grown to become the Chinese golf industry’s professional trading and sourcing event. The Asia Golf Show, launched in 2011 and held each fall in southern China, is the professional learning, trading, and networking platform for the golf industry in Asia. Both shows receive official support from the PGA World Alliance and GCSAA.

    For more information, please visit www.chinagolfshow.com

    Reed Huabai Exhibitions is a joint venture between Reed Huabo Exhibitions (Shenzhen), a part of Reed Exhibitions Greater China, and CCAGM Exhibition (Beijing) Holdings, the organizers of the China Daily Use Articles Trade Fair.

    The company, established in 2012, has taken over the organization of China’s industrial event for everyday commodities: the China Daily Use Article Trade Fair. The cooperation of the two stakeholders enhances the show’s standing as a world-class trade event and comprehensive sourcing platform. Reed Huabai aims to drive market growth and have a profound influence on the daily household goods and general merchandise sector through the powerfully synergies gained by integrating the two experienced exhibition organizers into one.

    Managing Director: Liu Guoliang

    General Manager: Chu Xiuqi

    Reed Exhibitions acquired the China International Auto Aftermarket Fair (CIAAF) in 2012 and set up a joint venture – Henan Reed Hongda Exhibitions Co.,Ltd, the big auto accessories event organizer in China. The combined efforts will offer better services at the event and enhance the influence and stature of SIAAF than ever.

    In 2013, SIAAF will work closely with CIAAF to expand the market among auto dealers, retailers, distributors, agents, retrofitters and servicing companies. New business models such as e-commerce, B2B and B2C will be explored. The new partnership promotes novel concepts, including auto culture marketing, integrated auto life and business service operations.

    A joint venture established in 2015 by Reed Exhibitions Greater China, a part of Reed Exhibitions, professional, and Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., a China’s events organizer specialized in large and medium meetings and exhibitions, Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan is engaged in organizing touch screen industry events and is one of the nine outstanding member companies under Reed Exhibitions Greater China.

    Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan organizes two international touch screen exhibitions in China each year. The China International Touch Screen Exhibition, commonly known as C-TOUCH, is a professional touch screen event, along with (concurrently held events) FILM EXPO, APFO EXPO and 3D PRINTING.

    Apart from building its events to be a one-stop platform for learning, procurement, and direct experience in the respective industries, Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan conducts a wide range of technological forums as sideline events, gathering trade visitors and buyers, from locally and abroad, from a wide range of industries, including smart terminals, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, media and advertisements, healthcare and real estate. The events offer the comprehensive and cutting edge information of products and solutions, helping to drive the rapid development of the Touch Panel and 3D Printing industry in China and around the world.

  • Our People

    Hu Wei

    Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    Hu Wei is President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China, which is part of Reed Exhibitions: an international organizer of trade events across the globe.

    Hu Wei is a Tianjin native. His career has spanned over many years in China and the United States, where he received both his MA and MBA. His career achievements include a 10-year stint at Best Buy, the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, where he rose to the rank of Director of International Merchandising. A career highlight with the company included participation of the successful integration of the Five-Star business in China.

    Hu additionally spent three and half years at Ace Hardware Corporation; initially as the Director of Global Merchandising in Chicago, and ultimately as the Shanghai-based GM for Asia, where his responsibilities included managing P&L and overseeing operations in Asia, and supporting sales in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa.

    As the newest leader of RXGC, the country's leading organizer of definitive trade events, Hu will be leading teams that currently serve 12 specialized sectors nationwide. Hu aims to sustain Reed’s on-going expansion in China, to exceed client expectations, in addition to supporting the company’s on-going investment in its workforce.

    Management team by alphabetical order

    Chu Xiuqi

    General Manager
    Reed Huabai Exhibitions (Beijing) Co., Ltd

    Mr. Chu Xiuqi was appointed General Manager of Reed Huabai Exhibitions in 2012. Prior to joining Reed, he was President and General Manager of CCAGM Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Over a number of years, he and his team built the China Daily-Use Articles Trade Fair and the China Stationery Commodity Fair into professional expos of high repute.

    As a direct result of Mr. Chu’s intervention, today the China Daily-Use Articles Trade Fair and China Stationery Commodity Fair attract higher level participants, are larger in scale and enjoy a stronger-than-ever reputation in China. The events are also renowned worldwide for their strong influence and good reputation. As well as being General Manager of Reed Huabai Exhibitions, Mr. Chu is also the President of China Commerce Association for General Merchandise which enjoys a high prestige in domestic and international retail industry.

    Thomas Huang

    Senior Vice President
    Reed Exhibitions

    Thomas Huang, Senior Vice President of Reed Exhibitions, has been working in the exhibition industry for 15 years. Since joining Reed in 2002, Thomas has consistently demonstrated his strong qualities, firm commitment and passion for the business while serving the company in key sales and project management positions.

    Thomas holds an MBA from East China University of Science and Technology. He is additionally the recipient of three major awards, namely the Chairman’s Special China Award, RXGC President Award and RXAP President Award.

    In Thomas’s current role, his management portfolio of Shanghai events includes converting and electronics exhibitions such as SinoCorrugated, SinoFoldingCarton, NEPCON and C-TOUCH.

    Mike Jiang

    General Manager
    Reed Huabo Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

    Mike has nearly three decades of exhibition experience. He helped to establish the Shenzhen International Exhibition Center. Mike has organised over 300 international and domestic exhibitions, including the first ever commercial gift fair held in Mainland China. In 2001 Mike founded Shenzhen Sinoexpo Exhibition Co., Ltd., a company of which he was General Manager as well as Board Chairman. In June 2007, Shenzhen Sinoexpo Exhibition Co., Ltd. combined with Reed Exhibitions to form the joint venture Reed Huabo Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

    JB Son

    Country General Manager
    Reed Exhibitions Korea

    JB Son is Country General Manager of Reed Exhibitions Korea, which is part of Reed Exhibitions: the world’s leading events organiser.

    He is a Korean native who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Busan National University, and an MBA from Seoul National University. He has 17 years of experience working predominantly within two of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies: Novartis and MSD. After joining MSD as a Sales Rep in 1999, he rose through the ranks of the pharmaceutical field to the position of Head of Commercial in APAC of Novartis Vaccines, a post he held till he joined Reed.

    Among his career highlights have been numerous professional accolades, including the Country MD Award for New Biz Model Development for new vaccine launches (MSD, 2007); the Regional Award for Best Performance Country (Novartis, 2011); the Global Operational Excellence Award for New Tracking Projects (Novartis, 2012) and the Global CEO’s Individual Best Performance Award (Novartis, 2013).

    With his wealth of progressive experience within one of Asia’s most important economies, JB will ensure that Reed remains well placed to accelerate its growth and take advantage of the many opportunities in Korea.

    JB is based in the Reed Seoul office and reports to the President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China.

    Josephine Lee

    Executive Vice President
    Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    Josephine Lee, Executive Vice President of Reed Exhibitions, was born in Hong Kong and has been working in the exhibition industry for 20 years. Since joining Reed in 1998, she has distinguished herself by winning four major awards - the Export Division President Award (2000); the Reed Chairman’s Award (2001 & 2009) and the Reed China President’s Award (2005).

    Her dynamic leadership has also seen her spearhead the restructuring of the Export Division in Australia; develop outbound business in Asia and establish Reed offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen (in 2002, 2003 and 2012 respectively). Today, her role include managing events under the Lifestyle portfolio as well as corporate functions including E-business, international Promotion Program (IPP), Reed Exhibitions Greater China Visitor Relationship Center and Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Program.

    Paul Pu

    CFO & VP of Shared Service Center
    Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    Prior to REED, Paul worked in GE for 8 years as CFOs for various business units. His last position in GE was global CFO for Power Delivery with $600MM annual sales. He played a key role in strategic alliance formation with China XD, which included a CNY3.4Bn private placement in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

    Paul has over 20 years’ finance management experience and served many industries covering bank (Agricultural Bank of China), food (Unilever), home appliance (Bosch Siemens, Ariston), semi-conductor equipment (Oerlikon), chemicals (Hexion) and conglomerate (GE). Other than finance, his job responsibility from time to time extended to supply chain, commercial operations and IT management.

    Paul holds a bachelor degree from Nanjing University of Science and Technology and an EMBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) with honor of Best Graduate. He is a FCCA (fellow of The Association of Charted Certified Accountants).

    Sun Gang

    Senior Vice President
    Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    Mr. Sun Gang has been with Reed Exhibitions China since July 2006. Prior to joining Reed, he served as an official at the Information Office of the State Council for three years. Mr. Sun's affiliation with the exhibition industry began two decades ago, in 1990, when he joined the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Halfway through his tenure at the CCPIT, in 1998, he was appointed Deputy Director General of the organization's Exhibitions Department. In this role, his main responsibilities included drafting exhibition policies; issuing show licenses and furthering the overseas exhibition agenda of the CCPIT - a purview which included some 35 events each year.

    Wu Yunqiang

    Vice President
    Reed Exhibitions

    Mr. Wu Yunqiang (Wilson) joined Reed Exhibition family, as Vice President for Gift and CDATF(RHB, RHai, RHQ) in Nov. 2015. Wilson graduated from Tianjin University, majored in Management Science. He was recruited by P&G as Management Trainee in 1996. He had worked for P&G for near 9 years during which he worked as sales manager, wholesale market project manager and distributor operation manager. Wilson was granted P&G global 50 Recognition Share in 2001. In addition, Wilson had worked for Nokia as Senior Marketing Manager and Multimedia Enhancement PRC manager separately in 5 years. Mr. Wilson helped TS&KF (GSK JV) built up FMCG sales team and set up distribution network from scratch. Besides, Mr. Wilson also had worked for state-owned company COFCO, responsible for trading marketing and sales operation.

    Wilson will co-operate with partners and team to maintain leading position and provide high lever service though facing the challenges from slow down economy and E-commercial. Meanwhile, seek for new business opportunities.

    Lanny Zhang

    Vice President
    Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    A native of Wuhan, Lanny Zhang received her MBA from Nanyang Technological University at Singapore in 2003. She has over ten years of experience in the events industry.

    In 2003, Lanny joined Reed Exhibitions Greater China as a Project Manager for CIBTM (China Incentive, Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition), one of the company’s leading international brand shows.

    From 2008, she started working her way up the corporate ladder in Reed’s manufacturing cluster.

    She is now Vice President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China. In her current position, she is responsible for the management of 6 shows in 3 clusters.

    Joe Zhou

    Vice President
    Reed Exhibitions Greater China

    Joe Zhou is Vice President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China and CFO of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE). His responsibilities include driving RSE towards its strategic goals, streamlining the company’s internal processes; facilitating the implementation of key initiatives and promoting the sustainability of the business in China. Mr. Zhou has over 20 years’ financial management experience in the public, consumer goods, home accessories, technology and agricultural sectors. Among the leading brands he has helped to guide are Sara Lee, ConAgra Foods, Avon and Nokia. Prior to his current role, he was CFO of Associated British Foods. Mr. Zhou has a BA from the Institute of International Relations and a Finance MBA from Northeastern University in Illinois.

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